RE-vibe with Nylon Buckle Band

  • RE-vibe uses gentle vibrations to bring wandering minds back on task, fostering independence & confidence. 

    RE-vibe is a new vibration reminder wristband designed to help those who struggle with on-task behavior. RE-vibe’s proprietary algorithm empowers users by sending quiet vibrations at strategic intervals to remind them to check and correct their own off-task behaviors.

  • Q: What does it do? How does it work?

    A: RE-vibe sends silent vibration reminders to the wrists of kids who may be off-task, to gently remind them to get back to their work, studies, etc.

    RE-vibe uses research-based tables to estimate when the best time to send a reminder vibration to the wrist of the user would be based on user type (there are 4 variants; Low, Moderate and High levels of off-task behavior plus a Homework Mode). A patent-pending algorithm changes various factors to reduce the chances a user will get used to the vibrations.

    Users are instructed (via directions for parents and/or online training video) to simply ask themselves if they are doing what they should be doing when they feel a vibration on their wrist. If they ARE doing what they should be, they should use it a positive reinforcer (i.e. Keep doing that behavior/keep up the good work). If not, they should think to themselves, "I need to get back to work". The goal is to foster independence by increasing meta-cognition or the act of thinking about one's own thoughts.

    Q: How does it know when to vibrate?

    A: RE-vibe approximates when and how to alert users based their reported level of need. We've developed three research-based, pre-programmed settings to cover various levels of difficulty in staying on-task (plus an additional mode to help with homework):

    1- Mildly Off-task (occasionally daydreams)

    2- Moderately Off-task (often daydreams)

    3- Significantly Off-task (constantly daydreams)

    Q: Can others around the wearer hear or detect the vibrations?

    A: No, RE-vibe's vibration motor is whisper-quiet, and undetectable by others. RE-vibe was created for classroom use, so this was a significant consideration in the design.

    Q: What kind of kids might RE-vibe work best with?

    A: RE-vibe is best suited for kids who may have to rely upon teachers and parents to help stay on-task. While it won't motivate kids who don't want to stick to their work, it will provide much needed reminders for those who do.

    Q: Can RE-vibe 'Sense' when you are off-task?

    A: No. It's important to keep in mind that RE-vibe uses a research-based estimation algorithm based on your user settings. It reminds you to ask yourself if you are on-task; it doesn't 'sense' when you are off-task. If it vibrates when you are on-task, use it as a cue to continue that positive behavior; if not on-task, use it to remember to get back to work.

    Q: Is it hard to "program"?

    A: No. "Programming" takes about 10 seconds (because we've already done the the programming for you). All you have to do is select what behavior type the person wearing it demonstrates. Just use the plastic programmer tool (included) to push the Action Button (hidden within the underside of plastic enclosure).

    Select one of the four modes:

    1- Mildly Distracted

    2- Moderately Distracted

    3- Significantly Distracted

    4- Homework Mode

    by pushing the button in and waiting for the vibration to tell you which number mode your in (1 vibration for mode one, 2 vibrations for mode two, etc). Keep pushing the button until you get to the desired mode number, then hold the button down for five seconds to save it. Your selection will remain saved unless the battery dies. Click hereto view our Manual for more details.

    Q: What is homework mode?

    A: Homework mode uses vibrations to tell your child when to start working, when to take a break and when to get back to work, so you don't have to. It also also sends periodic vibration reminders while your child is working, to help keep them on-task. This preset mode lets them work for 15 minutes, then take a break for 5 minutes. Red and blue lights flash during breaktime, and then turn off when it's time to get back to work.

    Q: Does it help at home?

    A: Many users report wearing RE-vibe at home to help stay on-task with homework. We have a mode designed specifically for homework, which provides reminders prompts, and also tells kids when they should start/stop working, when it's time for a break, and when it's time to return to work again. Some also report wearing it for staying on-task with general household tasks/chores.

    Q: Is the programming flexible for different tasks?

    A: Yes, the 4 pre-configured settings usually work well to keep users alert and aware of their own actions which can help them to better stay on-task.

    Q: Is RE-vibe waterproof?

    A: RE-vibe is splash-proof, not waterproof. It is ok to wash hands while wearing RE-vibe. Please do not bathe, swim, or submerge RE-vibe underwater.

    Q: Can I order a replacement wrist band?

    A: Yes! Visit our product page, and select "replacement band" from the dropdown box.

    Q: Does it come with a warranty?

    A: Yes, it comes with a 1 year Limited Warranty. Click herefor more details.

    Q: Can I use a different style band with it?

    A: We offer a separate Buckle Band, which is interchangeable with the Velcro Band.

    Q: How do I know which size to order?

    A: Regular fits most people, even children. We recommend measuring the wrist with a measuring tape (or use a string, then measure the string with a ruler).

    Small fits wrists that measure 11.5 cm - 14.5 cm. Regular fits wrists that measure 14.5 cm - 19 cm.

    Q: Does the RE-vibe also have a watch feature built in?

    A: No.

    Q: Is RE-vibe on Donors Choose?

    A: We are an approved vendor at It is free for teachers to create a project, and donors can provide funds to cover the costs of RE-vibe for your classroom. We have had teachers get matching funds from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation! Pretty cool! :-)

    Q: Could RE-vibe be used for potty training reminders?

    A: RE-vibe is not intended for potty training; there are other reminder watches on the market that may be a better solution for potty training reminders.

    Q: Can adults use RE-vibe?

    A: Yes! We have a lot of adult customers who use this for work or study. The "regular" size fits most adults.

    Q: Is there any research or scientific studies about RE-vibe?

    A: Yes! Please click here to read our Case Study. We will continue to conduct research studies in the future, to help us improve future versions. :-)

    Q: Where is the On/Off Switch?

    A: Kids tend to play with things that are there, especially buttons; so we've eliminated it! RE-vibe knows when kids are wearing it and turns itself on when in use; it also knows when they're not, and puts itself to sleep. The only programming button is hidden inside the enclosure and is only accessed with the included programming tool. To manually turn RE-vibe off or on, quickly double-tap the Action Button.

    Q: How long does the battery last?

    A: The rechargeable battery keeps RE-vibe going for approximately 7+ days on a single charge. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

    Q: Can it be worn all day at school?

    A: Yes, it can be worn all day at school, but like any watch or wristband, we do recommend taking it at the end of the day.

    Q: Can we get a grant to pay for these for our school?

    A: We are an approved vendor at We also have a 100% money back 90 day return policy to ensure every student, teacher and parent is happy with their RE-vibe : )

    Q: Do you have any special offers for schools or for buying in bulk?

    A: Yes! We offer bulk discounts and school pricing. For more information, including our current school offers, please contact

    Q: Can RE-vibe treat or cure conditions associated with inattention?

    A: No. It's important to remember that RE-vibe is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or conditions. Instead, RE-vibe is a behavioral tool which is designed to provide simple prompts for anyone and everyone who needs a reminder to get back to work.


    Click the image below to download a pdf version of our FAQ:

  • Click to view our pdf with our Customer Reviews/Testimonials!


  • Click the links below to view PDF Documents About RE-vibe:

  • Distraction-free design: no screens, buttons or sounds
  • Gentle, strategically timed vibrations remind users to ask themselves, “Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?”
  • Proprietary algorithm tells RE-vibe when to vibrate and how it should feel for various types of users; it also changes key variables to minimize the chance a user will get used to the reminders over time.
  • Whisper-quiet vibrations provide a discreet reminder without attracting the attention of nearby peers.
  • Created by a School Psychologist
  • Great for both students and adults!
  • 90 Day Return Policy with 100% Money Back Guarantee - We even pay shipping both ways!


  • Encourages mindfulness and engagement while studying or at work.
  • Designed to foster independence by reducing reliance on supervisors
  • Battery lasts for 7+ days
  • Easy to use, turns on/off automatically without switches or buttons
  • Backed by a One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Features & Specifications


- Made from food grade plastic (contains no BPA/BPS, lead, or phthalates)

- Wristband is made from ultra-strong nylon, and buckle closure ensures a secure fit

- Splash-resistant 

Sensors & Components

- Whisper-quiet vibration motor

- 3 axis accelerometer turns RE-vibe on and off automatically

- Proprietary algorithm mitigates habituation (i.e. a user’s tendency to  become used to repeated reminders)

Charging & Battery

- Ultra-high capacity rechargeable battery with integrated safety circuit

- Battery life: up to 7 days of normal use

- Charge time: 2 hours

- Micro USB wall charger included

Pre-set Modes

- Pre-programmed with 4 modes to accommodate various levels of  distraction, with different reminder frequencies.

- Mode 1 (Mildly Distracted): about every 10 mins.

- Mode 2 (Moderately Distracted): about every 7 mins.

- Mode 3 (Significantly Distracted): about every 5 mins.

- Mode 4 (Homework Mode): reminders about every 3 mins, and flashing lights/vibrations provide cues for breaks after 15 mins of work.


 RE-vibe wristband

Charging cable

Micro-USB wall charger

(2) Programming tools 

Shipping Info:

  • Ships in 1-2 business days! (Transit time is about 2-3 days.)

Size Info:

  • Nylon buckle bands come in one size. (One size fits most.) For wrists smaller than 14.5 cm in circumference, we recommend the Small Velcro Band.

re-vibe anti distraction wristwear size chart


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